The Latest in Creative Display and NFT Technology

Americhip and Rare Goods have bridged the gap between the real world and the metaverse for all your latest events, personalized and custom gifts sets, and in-store displays.

Capture featured moments, trade collectibles, and claim loyalty points for future rewards with this revolutionary approach to the future of commerce. 

Passport or Ticket

One of the more practical and exciting ways to add utility to an NFT is to have the NFT itself be an entry pass. Not only is the recipient potentially receiving a well-designed NFT which could hold independent value, but they are enticed by the exclusivity of access it may afford them. Only by owning this NFT will you gain access to or by acquiring several NFTs you gain access to said event. Cost of a regular admission is built in, plus the added cost of the benefit.

We’ve also seen the passport idea work at conventions where you stop at several booths or predetermined booths, scan a barcode, and eventually you are awarded an NFT. It gamifies and can make a scavenger hunt for an event.

So, what makes this different than a pricy ad-on ticket? The potential novelty is obvious, but the most significant is potential trading and resale prior to the event. Currently, only ticket services receive portions of the resale of a ticket. With NFTs as passports or tickets, the royalties go back to you.

Photo Booth (NFTMe)

People at events, conventions, or even fund raisers are always on the lookout for something fun to commemorate their attendance. A personalized NFT commemorating the event can be both an additional revenue stream or a free service to just bring the fun!

This method is a great way to do fund raising in general as it adds a permanent receipt of the donors contribution that can be displayed online and eventually in Metaverse.

NFTs as a contest for content creation via Event

Organizations looking to engage the creative talent they have in their fan base, build fan loyalty, and create a new revenue stream, could use NFTs. Perhaps there is a memorial or special event that the organization wants to commemorate in a permanent way. There could be a contest for registered content creators to take photos simply attend the event, create an NFT and submit it to the organization. The winning NFT design get’s a cash prize and their name associated with the event/organization forever. The NFT could be sold for charity or set at auction with a package associated with it. Even several of the runners-up could be sold for a lower auction price.

In scenarios like this, you can uncover talent, build camaraderie by having “one of your own” be selected as a winner for their skills, and create a fun atmosphere.

NFTs as Promo

There are many ways fans are enticed to attend events. Many times there are giveaways, trivia on the Robotron, or free things thrown into the audience. NFTs are taking this to the next level. Imagine attending an event where under every seat is a barcode that when scanned you earn an NFT. Maybe 20 random seats get a special NFT that unlocks something even more special. Or perhaps you have to attend a certain number of events to unlock the ultimate NFT. This ultimate NFT could be a pass or ticket or simply early access to something.

Maybe it is only fans who have acquired the necessary NFTs by going to every home game can go to an exclusive team signing event. They could even sell that pass on the secondary market and you’ll earn royalties each time. They pay to go to the event and you keep getting paid for the signing event you were going to do anyway.

Sponsorship on a digital board sold as an NFT

Everyone likes to be on the Scoreboard. They sell birthday messages, anniversary messages, and special occasions. Alongside of these revenue earners can be NFTs. You could sell an NFT as a way to obtain sponsorship dollars on a digital board at an event. It could be an actual NFT on the board similar to our NFTme campaigns or the earned NFT as an accomplishment for attending X amount of home games and by being a donor. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Event Hologram Display

Bring home the experience.

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Partner with Americhip and Rare Goods to create an amazing 3D Holographic Backdrop for all your trade shows and event spaces. Put Hypervsn’s 3D Display Technology to use in your next event space, booth, or corporate lobby to generate a one-of-a-kind visual effect that breaks through the clutter and generates huge crowds.

Attendees to your event can purchase or claim the matching commemorative Hologram NFT. We take next-gen display tech and allow your audience to experience it over and over in the metaverse.

NFT Video Blade

Stop them in the aisle.

To create a large aisle violator that grabs attention and engages shoppers as soon as they approach. Intrigued, shoppers then scan the QR code to reveal a high-energy, fast-paced video highlighting testimonials and a link to claim their NFT which can act as access to a waiting list for empty shelves or discounts on future purchases. What better way to whet the appetite right in store and drive sales!

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Next Gen Launch Kit

A whole new product experience.

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We’ll design and produce a specialty product launch kit full of the wow factor. Our large turned edge box, decked out all in soft-touch material can have accent colors around the top edge. When opened, the specialty package reveals a 12” tall placard of an electric burst of lightning complete with flashing lights and rumbling thunderclaps. A dramatic product reveal to say the least!  

With each box comes a custom QR or redemption code for limited edition NFTs that can easily be incorporated into sweepstakes, giveaways, or bought and sold as collectibles when claimed.