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We are a fan technology company built by a team of experienced innovators in the Web³ and Fan Engagement space.


Our mission is to help clients better engage their communities through innovative technology and services.

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Values that lead us


Fan First Approach

If it's easy and fun for fans, success will follow. We take our client's goals and divide them into rewardable moments and engagements for their fans and community.


Embrace Data

Data is only as good as how it is applied to the next initiative. We collect data and insights to inform our next strategy, personalize content, and expand our client's databases.


Partners, not clients

Our technology, services, and approach provide mutually beneficial growth for our clients and companies. We focus on collaborative services that keep our client's larger goals in focus.


Always Add Value

From our 15+ years of working with large institutions, we know where to step in to make it easy on their infrastructure while ensuring the success of our initiatives.

Brands We’ve Partnered With



Learn how we went from winning a public RFP with Ohio State 6 years ago, to earning the longest exclusive commitment and contract extension in Ohio State’s history with our new 10-year deal.

Buckeye Nation Rewards (BNR) is THE Official Loyalty Program of The Ohio State University. BNR is designed to creatively deliver sponsored content to our members and their friends/family through fun, gamified challenges, NFTs, tickets, prizes, and social content.

ohio state's loyalty program own your audience

When Ohio State released a public RFP for a new initiative, our team defied the odds by beating out 183 other companies to win the contract.


Our unique approach and technology have redefined the way Ohio State engages its fans, faculty, students, and alumni in a revolutionary way. 

growth and gains

Buckeye Nations Rewards has gone from a bold experimental program to an evergreen staple across Ohio State. The Rare Goods ecosystem has helped revolutionize the way Ohio State can engage with and monetize its community. 


Our approach and technology has elevated campaigns and content for over 29 departments and 85 licensees and sponsors with Ohio State.

BNR by the Numbers

Minutes Spent In Program by Members Monthly
384039 +
Challenges Completed By Members
13 %
Email Open Rate within Buckeye Nation Rewards
134039 +
Unique Clicks to Sponsor's Content and Campaigns
40291 +
Current Members in Buckeye Nation Rewards
$ 33
Earned Media Value generated by the Members

promotions with results

Because we incorporate gamification into our system, we help our sponsors generate incredible results though fun, incentivized actions, challenges and games that are rewarding for our users, and beneficial for Ohio State’s sponsors. 

We connect licensees and sponsors with fans both on the ground on campus and across the nation digitally with our vast fanbase and alumni network. 


CASHING IN ON CUTOUTS pandemic product offering

When teams were faced with the first season without fans, ticket sales, and other sources of standard revenue, we stepped in. We adapted our technology to launch FanCutouts.com and became one of the only vendors to drive positive revenue to teams when they needed it most.

We have a history and reputation for finding creative ways to engage fans while also creating revenue and new opportunities. 

graduating with honors

our results have expanded our opportunity ACTIVATION RESULTS

The impact of our ecosystem and services has elevated Ohio State’s connection to fans and sponsors in a massive way.

Our approach and results earned Rare Goods a new 10-year extension through 2032 to help Ohio State transition into the Web³ World.

0 +
New Data Points COLLECTED
0 +
monthly active users
$ 0 m
new revenue and exposure



Welcome to the Fan³ Ecosystem


Major brands and institutions have gone from being cautious of NFTs and Blockchain to prioritizing it as a top 3 initiative in 2022. 

And We Were Ready

From our NFT Marketplaces and solutions to powerful blockchain-based products and services, Rare Goods has turnkey solutions and services specifically designed to help major brands and teams transition into the next major digital evolution. 


See how we’re working with Ohio State and other major teams to setup years of success in the new Web3 World.

01 07

a modern approach to elevate
Current players coaches all students female athletes the athletic department facilities the fan experience N.I.L department revenue former players foundations team heritage

Blockchain and NFTs are changing sports and fan engagement by allowing the tokenizing of moments, memories, rewards, and memorabilia. We are taking fan interaction and engagement to a whole new level for Ohio State with innovative approaches being developed to create new value and revenue beyond just athletics.








IN NEXT 18mo

Blockchain Crypto NFTs Loyalty Security Marketing Compliance Customer Service
Blockchain Crypto NFTs Loyalty Security Marketing Compliance Customer Service

We're helping Ohio State engage and monetize its ever-growing community around the World with innovative new products and services.

User # 41234 53126 63125 91827

watched a video sold an NFT renewed season tickets updated their address subscribed to SMS purchased an NFT spent $73 on concessions

We build products that look and feel like their team, not our tech.

Ohio State NFT Keys will come in 3 levels of rarity, each with its own levels of benefits. 

  • Keys can be purchased via the official Ohio State NFT Marketplace
  • Keys can be purchased and resold within OSU’s secondary marketplace within the same system
  • A select set of Keys can be earned for free via BNR allowing every fan access regardless of financial situation.
  • No cost to athletes or program.
  • An NFT will be made for every current and future player. 
  • A new version and series can be released each season
  • Each Player NFT will have multiple versions of rarity.
  • NFTs will be released in packs so every player has equal opportunity and promotion.
  • Players will receive revenue from primary and secondary sales.
  • Special editions to highlight key plays or moments can be created.

Each player will receive one personalized super-rare key that can be listed for auction automatically, or gifted to the recipient of their choice. 

  • Player Keys can be purchased via the official Ohio State NFT Marketplace if the player allows
  • Keys can be purchased and resold within OSU’s secondary marketplace 
  • Player receives the proceeds of all sales from their specific key

Our approach allows current, former, and future players to monetize their image at scale.

We make the content for them

Ohio State and Rare Goods will both actively create content and campaigns that drive exposure and revenue for all athletes and their programs.

Players can release NFTs via the official OSU marketplace

Players will be able to request the release of their NFTs via the official OSU marketplace, allowing for increased exposure and revenue.

Partners and Sponsors can participate

Ohio State will seek out and welcome new sponsorship and partnerships to elevate the NFT and blockchain initiatives benefiting all parties.

We are the only NFT solution in sports with turnkey ways to elevate existing licensed goods, in-game experiences, and digital engagement by connecting NFTs as rewards via our loyalty engine. We can reward users for:

  • Buying Licensed Goods

  • Attending Games or Events

  • Completing Surveys

  • Subscribing to Email Marketing

  • Sharing Social Media Content

  • Referring Friends to the program

  • Plus much, much more

Fans buy, sell, and trade digital versions with final owners getting an actual piece of the field at a date of your choosing.  


Football Field

= 6000

Unique NFT Square Yards

x $ 78

Drop Price per NFT

= $ 485327

in Primary Sales

  • Creative medium to work with for Artists.
  • Endless supply of content available
  • Reignites passion and memories for fans
  • Fans of all ages will love it
  • Brings reenergized attention to a timeless medium 
  • Celebrates talent and diversity though multiple sports
  • Consistent and reasonable to execute
45000 +

Ohio State has the 3rd largest Student Enrollment in the Country with 18 graduate and professional programs in the top 10 (U.S. News and World Report).                        

37821 +

Ohio State University is the largest employer in Ohio. This highly engaged workforce is the pulse of the University.

526500 +

Buckeye Alum are in all 88 OH counties, 50 states, and 171 countries worldwide. Their living Alum has contributed over $681,808,654 in lifetime receipts to date.    

2.1 m+

Ohio State’s continued excellence across both academics and athletics has grown them one of the largest most passionate fan bases in the world. 

  • Easy way to raise money from Alumni who want a Digital Diploma to share and utilize. 
  • Simple to integrate and scale.
  • The safest way to issue a diploma
  • No chance of a diploma being lost or damaged 
  • Easy way for employers to verify the legitimacy of a prospect’s degree
  • Great medium to reengage Alumni and get updated information  

Upon the recommendation of the faculty and by the virtue of the authority vested in the Board of Trustees, we hereby confer upon

FirstName Middle LastName

the degree of

Doctorate of Philosophy

with all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining. In testimony whereof, this degree is granted

May 13th, 2022



Once a NFT is minted, you cannot change the royalties, but with our proprietary Dynamic Royalty system, you can update allocations as your business changes.
Royalty Rights Past

5/2/2021 - 12/31/2021

Royalty Rights CURRENT

1/1/2022 - 06/30/2025

Royalty Rights FUTURE

7/1/2025 +

Our Key Advantages


We already have live programs with Professional Teams

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Our platform powers the Calgary Flame's NFT offering. Check it out
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White-Label Primary and Secondary Marketplaces.

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Our Primary and Secondary Marketplace looks and feels like your brand, not our tech.

Your fans, your brand, your data

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Your Content. Your Data

You get the information of fans who purchase your universities' NFTs - FREE

Easy for any fan. No Crypto or Digital Wallet Needed.

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To make a purchase just pay with a credit card. Simple.

Fan3 Experience

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We create presale campaigns with off-the-shelf sweepstakes and contests to prepare your fans for NFTs while collecting rich user data.

More that just highlights and clips

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Our team of artists paired with our 25 years of fan engagement experience makes original content for your brand that your fans will love. We build themes around content that drive added value through surprise, utility, and story to keep fans engaged.

Native Rewards and Loyalty Program.

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Perk Social, our gamified loyalty program, integrates into your NFT platform. Fans can be gifted or even earn NFTs by completing challenges, playing games, sharing to their social profiles and more. This data is all shared with you and your team.

The only platform with Dynamic Royalties

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Our proprietary software allows us to change royalty amounts and recipients after the NFT has been minted. The overall percentage stays the same, but who gets what and how much of that percentage can change as your partnerships change.